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** ...Somehow, for some odd reason, I know exactly who wrote this...

A frosh who was timesucked for frosh prank, roomate with SydneyTowell

Likes bees; hates the bee movie and by association Jerry Seinfeld who dared to misrepresent bees and bee society to the general public (See BeeMovieEssay)

Ordered a black cloak in the FroshCloakOrder

Titles held:

Dorm President, ProctorOfVice and playlist mixer of FunBallParty, TimeSuckXXI for 2018-19

Little known (because it's not true) lore is that KaijuBooska killed her family (again, this is complete bs).

All the meme songs all the time

Likes Smash more than Kart

Any conversation with SerenityWade longer than 5 minutes feels like a real life YTP.

SerenityWade is one of my best friends and I love her uwu owo

SerenityWade is the least serene person I know

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