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*For the record, no. --NunchuckFrosh

Viva is gone. You will never see her again. She probably was just a figment of your imagination. In fact, this WikiPage? probably doesn't even exist.

It is necessary that Viva make a page because the required quota of 5 links to my page has been met.

"Viva could be a figment of my imagination" --PomonaSteve, while Viva was creating her WikiPage?

Actually, Steve, Viva is a figment of your imagination. We've all just been playing along until now.

"but I hope not." --PomonaSteve, hoping *not* to ire his girlfriend. (and to still have one afterwards)

Viva may or may not be a Mudder, depending on the definition of Mudder, but she is definitely an Eastie.

Viva is a domestic exchange student to HarveyMuddCollege during the Spring 2003 semester. Normally she attends Swarthmore College. She is a DoubleMajor in PhySics and ComputerScience, but she still has time to escape (or possibly switch one of those majors to MatheMatics) , because she is a SophoMore.

I'm going to try to pick up enough Mudder/Eastie? habits so that when I go back to Swarthmore (yes, I will be leaving), I will be completely incomprehensible! [Insert EvilLaugh here]. Help me by adding to the list:

Viva, upon hearing the latest breakdowns of East couples (Spring 2005)

"How do these people manage to know each other for years and then suddenly start dating? They've all been living in the same building this whole time! [Conversation continues in this vein briefly.] Anything else I should be aware of? PomonaJosh suddenly dating... um... NunchuckFrosh?" -VivaHorowitz


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