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"She never kicked me in the sack..." -- Alexis

ScrippSie Bio/Anthro? major! Lived in BitterSuite sophomore year. Should Lounge more often.

Likes to dance in the rain and is from Seattle, so this works out well. Should also strip in the Lounge more often (yes, she is that Aja). She should do more work and less propositioning the lounge. (Yes, she is also that Aja.)

Currently resides in the MassivelyAwesomeSuiteofAwesomelyCoolAwesomeness?.

A demon in the sack.

"A demon in the sack? I'd buy that." --Morgan Conbere

"She kicked me in the sack!" --Morgan

"She punched me in the sack!" --Dana

"Everyone I talk to who's slept with Aja has been beaten up by her!" --Katherine

"She never kicked me in the sack..." -- Alexis

Alan: Eleven out of four?!
Katherine: She slept with math itself to get that GPA.


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