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Guaranteed that this raging lesbian (who owns all the existing Dominance Dollars) has the biggest dick of anyone you've ever met. One of her SI frosh once confided that she was their bisexual awakening. She's got more knives than she has brain cells and has been told that she makes a great bodyguard for drunk gals. Interesting fact about Kip: she gets more British and more responsible after 10 drinks. If you've ever met a cat in your life, you'll know exactly the type of person Kip is. You may be imagining a butch goddess at this point, and you would be right, but Kip also has the aesthetic of an emo kid from the early 2000s. I've never seen her wear a color. I've never seen her wear anything but black jeans. I've never seen her cry. Despite all this, Kip is a delight, and I guarantee you'll never meet anyone more incredible in your entire life.

A friend of AelyAronoff and other EastDorm residents. Can occasionally be spotted in the wild (ie in the lounges of other dorms).

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