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The WikiWikiWeb concept may be different from anything you've seen before. The Wiki is a constantly evolving group consciousness, but it quickly becomes obvious that a single destructive or careless individual has the power to destroy what has been created here. We hope that no such individuals exist -- or at least confine themselves to SmashieSmashieShmc!

As long as we cooperate, this can be a powerful forum indeed. Make corrections to what others have written. Add your own comments. Add your name to CategoryHomePage and make a personal page for yourself.

Let each page be a work of the group. Write in the third person, even about yourself. Edit pages by evolving the existing text, instead of simply appending a comment. This takes more effort, but it is what gives the WikiWikiWeb its unique strengths.

Don't use signatures too often. Signed comments make it hard for wiki pages to evolve. Do use signatures when your contribution is personal, or when you want to take responsibility for what you wrote. Try to avoid making significant changes to a signed comment, unless you also change or remove the signature.

Before adding pages, consider the guidelines on HowToUseWiki. Don't create WikiIslands.

In the spirit of the WikiWikiWeb, feel free to change this text and add things that should be added, remove things that should be removed, and continually MakeItEvenBetter.

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