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2009-2010 TrystanKoch
2009-2010 TrystanKoch, ChrisSauro, DanCiliske, & MattRichman

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2023-2024 ZoeWorrall & SimiVora (unofficially: TaylorLevinson)

An EastDorm elected position originally derived from "vice proctor." The proctor of vice's job used to be to increase the vices of the members of EastDorm through drinking, drugs, and sex. Recently the sex piece was taken out.

RobPrestezog and StonyLohr were deciding what positions to have on the DormBallot? while eating in Platt. They thought it would be amusing to have Proctor as one of the elected positions (as this position is chosen by the DeanOfStudents? office and not EastDorm voters).

Once they had this brilliant idea, they thought it might be funny to have Vice Proctor be a position. Of course, this was quickly modified into the ProctorOfVice position we have today. The proctors of vice run a bar every ViceParty, such as PresentationVice.

The first ProctorOfVice, PatriAaronForwalterFriedman, was elected in the Spring of 1997 for the 97-98 school year.

 1997-1998 PatriAaronForwalterFriedman
 1998-1999 ZekeBurgess?
 1999-2000 ZekeBurgess?
 2000-2001 LucasBaker (Retired in Dec-00)
 2001-2002 TitusWinters
 2002-2003 AlexBobbs & FessNelson
 2003-2004 ConorMcNassar
 2004-2005 SherriMarkwardt?
 2005-2006 MacKenzieStuart
 2006-2007 MikeBuchanan
 2007-2008 AlexisNast & HelenFitzmaurice
 2008-2009 AlexisNast & SarahLoeb
 2009-2010 TrystanKoch, ChrisSauro, DanCiliske, & MattRichman     
 2010-2011 DanCiliske, MattRichman, & ChrisSauro
 2011-2012 JoshOratz, XandaSchofield, & TeddyBear
 2012-2013 KatyAnderson, PatrickMeehan & DavidScott
 2013-2014 AllisonMis, MaryEliseElam
 2014-2015 EmmaMeersman, JoziMcKiernan & JohnSexpot
 2015-2016 MaxHlavacek & ZoeTucker
 2016-2017 RenataParamastri & (Fall 2016 BenLehman)
 2017-2018 JakePalanker & TommySchneider
 2018-2019 AvalonFeiler & SerenityWade
 2019-2020 AvalonVinella & SamMarquez
 2020-2021 N/A
 2021-2022 AvalonFeiler & AvalonVinella 
 2022-2023 ZoeWorall & SimiVora
 2023-2024 ZoeWorrall & SimiVora (unofficially: TaylorLevinson)

Vice seeks to help Easties, Mudders, and friends become well versed in drinking, licentious socialization, and general shenaniganry and in the principles of social conduct and misconduct so that they may assume leadership in these fields with a clear understanding of how their actions affect themselves and other people.
AlexBobbs would like it to go on record that he is probably the only above-21 ProctorOfVice to attempt to buy alcohol and fail. To this date he has not successfully bought alcohol.

Alex, what was your platform when you ran for ProctorOfVice? I seem to remember it was funny and I can't remember it at all... --KatieLewis

"Right now, you (yes, YOU) are probably reading this thinking, "Why on earth is Alex running for Proctor of Vice!? Isn't he supposed to be a beacon of purity?" Yes, I am a beacon of purity, which is exactly why I would be the perfect proctor of vice. See, the job of the POV is to encourage others to be more viceful. By concentrating purity in myself (and my helper-monkeys) I will be allowing *other* people to partake in more vice. By not dating, I leave more people available for viceful pursuits. By not drinking, I ensure there is enough alcohol to go around. Just as Momar works hard so that we don't have to, I maintain purity so that you don't have to. Uh huh. Bet you never thought of it that way, did you?

But there are many other reasons why I should be Proctor of Vice. To name a few:

So anyway, you should all make me the East Dorm Proctor of Vice. If nothing else, I'll be horribly amused if you do, and you are all clowns for my amusement. Vwa ha ha ha!"

The candidates for this position in 05-06 were (in order of appearance) MacKenzieStuart, BrianYoung, and AndrewDanowitz?. Choice quotes from the campaign on EastDormSchmack:

In 2011, the following were said:
"east has this thing called vice we get together once a month and thereís a theme and we get drunk itís good." - AvalonFeiler
"The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues." -- Elizabeth Taylor

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