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"I'M NOT BAGGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

RachelGabor was a member of the short-lived FledglingSuite in the spring 2001 semsester after she and her roommate, MaryPeter, were able to move from the far-off land of CaseDorm to EastDorm, where they were essentially living anyway. Sophomore year she and MaryPeter entered the uncharted territory of the second floor, in JessicaFisher and TamaraReimer's old room. After a smester of living there they decided to continue the fine tradition of switching rooms halfway through the yearby moving into Kathy & Melissa's old room. She also served as DormJock and while that role is now relinquished, still firmly encourages people to play intramurals.

Junior year, with MaryPeter deciding to abandom EastDorm for SouthDorm, RachelGabor roomed with TamaraReimer, entering the uncharted territory of the west side of the dorm. She could be found next to TimeSuck and later in an upstairs fishbowl. She also, along with MichaelVrable, served as one of the EastDormPresidents.

She is a proponent of StarTrek, ChesSers, BridgeCrack?, and any good TimeSuck she can find. She is also a huge fan of ItrGames and is convinced they raise test scores, although she played them a disturbingly few times last year. Stupid P-chem.

While originally thinking of being a PhysicsMajor she quickly developed an interest in CheMistry and began to listen to all the people who called her a ChemMajor. After a long debate, that involved an IPS being completely mapped-out, she woke one morning to realize that CheMistry was her true calling. So though you will likely see her in your Math, CS, Physics, Bio, or engineering classes, she actually is a ChemMajor. Really. Something about really liking CheMistry lab helped the decision a bit... She has been declared to have taken every class here. While this certainly isn't true, she has taken a rather large variety.

She is also the proud owner of shoes that are people. After all, shoes are people too. And they're smart enough to not listen to silly people who try to lie and convince them that they aren't people. Slaver! AM NOT!!!

And, in case you were wondering, harmonicas are the root of all evil. Every harmonica in the world should die a horrid, painful death!


And Jupiter is the coolest.....though right now it's all lost and alone in the scary real world :(

She, along with BrieFinger? cooked the BigTurkey for the 2001 Eastie thanksiving dinner.

Over the Summer2002? she got to do really spiffy CheMistry research with ProfessorVanRyswyk. She now knows too much about PorPhyrins?.

Oh, and TrickOrCheese is cool.

Her Schuedule for Spring2003?

 HM  CHEM   104   Inorganic Chemistry         3.0  MWF 9
 HM  CHEM   110   Inorganic Chemistry Lab     1.0  M 1:15-5:15
 HM  CHEM   112   Adv. Analytical Chemistry   3.0  MWF 10
 HM  CHEM   114   Instrumental Lab            1.0  W 1:15-5:15
 HM  CHEM   168   Group Theory                3.0  Th 7-8:15 pm
 HM  CHEM   199   Seminar                     0.0  T 11
 PZ  CLAS   121   Classical Mythology         3.0  TTh 2:45
 HM  LIT    110   Shakespeare                 3.0  F 1:15-4
 JP  PE     001   First Aid / CPR             0.0  M 7-10

                                             16.0 + 3i

See also: AaaSexual, ChesSers, HarryPotter

Rachel's virtual whiteboard:

"We've lost most of our asexual people!"

"You should come sleep with us!"

"She'll just throw some random eastie people at us."

"I keep thinking that Avocado's Number is 10^26."

"The four people who end up in ChessersSuite get to have fun and everyone else just gets screwed."

"You know, two people could so fit in my pants"

"Vrable! Up!"

    RachelGabor: "I think Dean Guy'd be happier with the intersuite changes..."
    EdMiller: "Intrasuite." I think this is right...-ArielBarton
    RachelGabor: "Whatever. The word that shares a bathroom."

"You do it right for me once, and I'll tell you if it's boring." -to EliBogart

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