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We are all wondering how long it will take her to notice we have commented on her lack of a page. 19:18 9-21-08. Actually she questioned whether or not she had a page within the first month of school and let it be after being told one existed. She had seen this page before but never actually got around to doing anything about it because she had better things to do with her time. Like read and play VideoGames. And sleep. 16:12 10.22.08.

She is graduated as of May 2011.

She was abroad in Budapest, Hungary Spring of 2010. That fall she lived in TacBac. She again lived in TacBac for 2010-2011.

She was a ProctorOfVice for 2008-2009. She was a member of TimeSuckXII.


"Put something on the TV so I can ignore it."


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