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Disreputable stringed instruments, considerably inferior to violas. (Nice try, Eli. --WillShipley)

The following conversation occurred at an EastDorm Meeting, Fall '01. EricBrown (aka Wussy) was attempting to garner East support for BroomBall:

"It's played on an ice rink, and it's full of violence!"--EricBrown

"All I can say is that it's a stunning achievement, indeed an honor, that we can expect live musicians for our game!"--WillShipley

Blank stares--EastDorm

"I mean, you can never have too many ViolinS" --WillShipley, again

"Oh, Will!", "Ouch!", "Ooooh", "That was bad" --assorted people


In retrospect, the above statement may well have been a BadIdea. At least I got an extra shower that day.

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