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Many fun things go on here.

The lounge was host to a friendly rat in April of 2010, until the GoodnightSweetPrince incident.

It also hosted MoOsh in 2010, until HelenFitzmaurice threatened to kill it with fire.

On Thursday nights, often the scene for several froshlings and/or CubeSchnaider doing FroshChem homework. This year, some of this was moved to HypercubeSuite, and some of the upperclassmen thought that doing Analysis homework in the Lounge was a GoodIdea.

The EastDormLounge was home to the BugOfDoom in spring 2008.

The PhysicsPig was last seen here. (Actually, PhysicsPig was last seen in the courtyard on top of the BigNotSoRedBall.)

The BrideOfPinbot pinball machine was last seen in west, and probably no JoeFrosh playing it. We used to have it, and the original Pinbot before that. Now we have the FnordJr, and all is right in the world. Except for the fact that FnordJr is now broken, so it's more like all is left in the world. But since (due to the efforts of MorganConbere) it lives again, all is indeed right with the world. Except that right now it's not in the lounge, having been moved out for FunBall?. Except, now it has been moved back to its usual corner, and occasionally hosts InstantDanceParties? (due to its new speaker system).

Also (in theory) the temporary (really?) home of the dorm playah, Stumpy the MonkeyPuppet. Alternatively known as Stumpy the TentacleMonkey?. The NinjaFish is also a resident. The LoungePeccary also used to be, except it has now gone mysteriously missing. Sources indicate it may have fled to Tijuana. Stumpy has also recently disappeared, we suspect he has gone to a farm where he will be very very happy (aka EDC storage, where he nasts something other than the new couches).

We used to play lots of CrackGammon here. Then we played even more SettlersOfCatan.

We used to have a satellite dish and we all sat and stared at the OneEyedGod. Now we don't (as much).

EastDormLounge is one of the most amusing places on campus (see: LoungeQuotes), especially if you can't smell very well (that is, your sense of smell is poor, not that you are unable not to exude foul odors).

EastDormLounge has new couches! Mostly to keep a record of when they came about, just before Christmas break 2005, Facilities and Maintenance replaced the old couches with 4 red couches, 1 chocolate loveseat, and 3 chocolate big-chairs. The couches are constructed with KryptonSuede?, and are said to be indestructible. The LoungeNazi asks that you don't test this.

EastDormLounge has a nice TvReservation system. Please make use of it if there is something you want to see.

Note that much of this page suffers from temporal confusion. Expect any given line to be completely out of date, except for this one (unless someone goes to the trouble to completely revamp the page but leaves this line in for some reason, in which case it too would be out of date).

Technical note: Courtyard doors lock/unlock with a 9/64 (#8) allen key.

The lounge is also home to the LoungeMural, a mysterious entity which we can only hope to comprehend.

We got new couches! In April 2018. Dorm presidents CharlesDawson, MaggieGelber, and HarryFetsch went to Ikea and bought Ektorp, Klippan, and Norsborg couches. After FunBallParty SP 2018, we removed the old couches (purchased 2005) and put in the new couches.


In the spring of 2023, a lounge rat, EastDormCrumpets was discovered in the lounge, causing many of the frosh to panic and leave. Those of us who are not as afraid of mice did not.

See also: ShamikMaitra, MacKenzieStuart

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