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(shortened name for FanFiction?)

A work of fiction written by a fan about or taking place in the setting of whatever they're a fan of. For example: a fan of Star Trek could write a Star Trek FanFic, in which perhaps Kirk is stranded on a deserted planet and someone comes to rescue him. Or something. Or he rescues someone. Or he's stranded with Spock and they fall in love.

Q: Suppose someone who is not a fan of something writes a work of fiction taking place in its setting. What would that be?

A: I'd say it should still be called a FanFic; even if the author deliberately horribly mutilates the setting and characters (making it indistinguishable from much existing fanfic, except by the author), the only people who will end up reading it are fans anyways.

I've seen FanFics written about TV series, movies, books, music groups . . . um . . . People. But when someone's writing a fanfic about *you,* that person probably needs some serious help.

That is highly dependent on your identity, however. For example, if you're a popular culture icon, figment of a fantasy writer's imagination or lesser-known deity, it's much more plausible that a writer might want to include you in his/her work.

Some common words found when examining FanFic :

Just a fun Mary Sue in LOTR fic I found... [Nine Men and a Little Lady]

Has this page been sufficiently filled in? If you need more information, feel free to contact JessicaFisher or anyone who has at any time been an avid FanFic reader or writer (PamelaRettig?). I probably fit in this category -- AlexWilkins

Hey, now I'm curious. Just how many people are there who have read/do read FanFic?

I'm also subscribed to the FFML (FanFictionMailingList?), which is basically the central mailing list for anime and manga-based fanfiction at this time. It's undergone some troubles, but seems to be fully operational again. I urge you to go [here] and subscribe, if you're prepared to deal with the volume.

Okay, what's MST??

MST is an abbreviation for MST3K, which is an abbreviation for MysteryScienceTheaterThreeThousand?, which deserves its own node. The brief version: it was a TV show with a long and varied history, now sadly canceled., which involved a human and some puppets watching horrible sci-fi movies and making sarcastic commments about them at the same time. The concept extends very naturally to bad fanfiction, and all sorts of sites which MST3K fanfiction have popped up on the web.

Websites at which good FanFic can be found:

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