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Just as a growing tree develops a new ring each year, the FunWiki enters a new generation every time it is passed on to a new host (due to the old host graduating or otherwise leaving HarveyMuddCollege). We are currently in FunWikiGeneration 7 (idemarcellus).
Past FunWikiGenerations:

Aren't there some seniors in this generation too? Or are they also OldFarts?

There are indeed some seniors in FunWikiGeneration 0, as TheBrubeck was KeeperOfTheWiki in 2001-02. If not OldFarts, they are at least BitterUpperClassman-ish.

Hell, there are even a few juniors. I'd hesitate to classify myself as bitter, though--maybe just "confused."

Then there's me.--DanCicio

I see that CS majors are doing the counting...

So, who will host FunWikiGeneration 3? Anyone taking bets?

Question: So what can we do to make sure that http://funwiki.doesntexist.org redirects to the new funwiki?

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