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A ModernMyth perpetuated by the evil HumDepartment.
Some of us wish these were mythical...
HumPapers aren't really so scary. Just write a CrappyPaper, turn it in, get an A! That's what I do, anyway.

And be smug about it. That's the most important part, apparently.

I have a hum paper due tomorrow, and so do a lot of other people, so here's something to help you avoid it.

JulieWortman will be the only one to see this, but I challenge all of FunWiki to a contest the likes of which mortals have never seen. The first one to send me an e-mail with the correct answer to all of these questions before my Hum paper is turned in wins a big bag of puffy Cheetos. All answers are contained within Wiki, and the name of the page referenced should be included with your answer. -BenjAzose

Did anyone ever win this?

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