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The LoungeSnorlax is a large (about four-by-four feet) SnorLax? plushie. It sits in the lounge, pleasantly greeting Easties and non-Easties alike as they enter.

The name of the LoungeSnorlax is somewhat debatable- there were some who wanted to call it LuMpy, but others thought that reminded them too much of a certain MonkeyPuppet. Others wanted to name the LoungeSnorlax Snortles, or BigBozo?, but the name has yet to be officially chosen (hence the page's title). The current editor endorses the name LuMpy, but will keep the page title LoungeSnorlax so it can stay neutral until a name is officially chosen.

As of February 2nd, 2023, after a contentious DormMeeting? the LoungeSnorlax is officially named LuMpy. The votes were as follows:

Some FrOsh have made it a tradition to punch him in the face when exiting the lounge. In direct consequence of their actions, he is now very flat.

As of fall 2023, LuMpy has been given a tramp stamp by LieselHilkemeyer.

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