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Sketchy senior who routinely invites frosh girls to his apartment off campus to do such activities as, um, "selecting music for Funball" or "watching Torchwood". Currently has a fangirl base consisting of EmmaDavis, MaryEliseElam, and SarahScheffler.

Is a member of the Homestuck cult.

As of Summer 2009, responds to "FROSH!" thanks to many a night of Left 4 Dead with people who were older than him.

NorthieMatt was a FrOsh living in NorthDorm who hangs out in TimeSuck. He prefroshed in EastDorm twice before coming to Mudd.

Currently, he is a sophomore in East, if by "sophomore in East" you mean "junior in Sontag". And if by "junior in Sontag" you mean "off-campus senior". He also served as DormCheese.

He is known by some as the Eastie Prefrosh Who Lives In North.

He probably doesn't know that he has a page on the wiki.

Update: As of 11/14, he knows he has a wiki. He is also wondering who created his entry and is amused by having his own floor on the East floor map.

Living in TacBac 2 for 2010-2011.


Why can't I pole-dance?!

Mmm, I love kinky orgasms.

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