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One of the couches in the lounge is the NudieCouch (recently known as the NakedCouch). You can tell it because its rightmost (when sitting on it) cushion has a small sharpie stain.

It has names written under one (or more) of the cushions. These are names of people who have been on the couch naked.

One isn't allowed though, to just willy-nilly read these names. Only those people who are qualified to write their names on the couch can look under the cushion.

Largest number of people naked on couch at the same time: 6.5

The NudieCouch will be much less exciting when we finally make the lounge ClothingOptional?.

Created by MikeBuchanan in the Fall of 2006.

As of Funball Spring 2018 Naked couch is in EDC permanently. It is part of East's history, but it is not a part of our future.

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