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An innocent name describing the time-sucking nightmare known as StarCrack.

A Real-time strategy game similar to WarCraft? or AgeOfEmpires?. Players compete for resources and build armies. The goal is generally to wipe out the opponent. The expansion pack, BroodWar?, adds new ships and other units, and vastly changes the strategy and rebalances the races. Very fun game, especially in network play. Ideal for LAN parties or wasting time.

Of the VideoGames, it was the first ginormous form of crack in my LifeTime. Still ranks high with SuperSmashBrothers although not as strong in EastDorm as it once was.

I've been playing with the 1.08 patch a bit over the summer. This patch is the first major rebalancing of the game since 1.04 (I think), and it definitely changes play. The biggest changes I have noticed are:

Clearly, there has never and can never be any air-superiority unit better than the Scout. Also, Scouts are good for ground assaults and just plain good in general. Scouts!

There are a lot of other changes, all explained in the readme; these are just the ones I noticed had the biggest effect.

I've been playing with the 1.08b patch too. On Battle.Net, it still seems that zerg are pretty mean with an opening rush (probably the reason they balanced it out). And since most Battle.Net games (which are by no means straight-forward games like we usually play on the LAN) don't last long enough to have air units, I'm not sure how much of a difference Valkyries will make there. But they should still be pretty "stompy" in our games.


Hey Kurt! We suck! --AriNieh

In Spring 2007, TreaSon was responsible for bringing back StarCrack, an analogue to CrackInTheAC. Ask them about it, it's fun.


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