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Edit Fall 2010: For whom it may concern, Zvi is now dead and also a frequently visiting SketchyAlum. Approach with caution - we haven't figured out if he's friendly or dangerous yet.

Below is the original article content.

a.k.a. KKKFrosh

Fun Info worth Hating Over


If he were to become manly, he would be called Z Manfron.


- Starting school year 2007-8 Zvi is known for throwing the Sunday Morning Chick Flick (SMCF) with much celebrating over his creation of 'Italian Cream Sodas'. (If you want to request a flavor email him at zeffron@hmc.edu)

Contact him if you ever need a ride anywhere! He is a fantabulous driver who will always entertain you despite the trouble it may give him...

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