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A SophoMore, this lovely lady is known for her bushy hair and fondness for seemingly everything. She definitely likes math, physics, computer science, humanities, and in fact everything taught at Harvey Mudd. And everything taught on the other 5Cs. If she had her way, she'd triple (or more) major, but she has enough sanity not to try. Or so we hope.

She is currently engaged to somebody whose name is either NicoSayavedra? or NikkiWikkiBooLoveMuffinPumpkinCheeks?, depending on whom you ask.
* Apparently we are not supposed to say that to his face. Only MaTy can do that.
** And even she can only do it once a day.

*You appended a vegetable to my name.
*So, I'd like to say that I was the prostitute, and that I was hangin' out with Ben last night...
*I was a pretty good prostitute, I think!
*90 pages a night is a lot of fucking reading.
*But destroying things is fun!
*I'm gonna go find an orgy...
*Bob, you've never seen a bra strap before? You've totally seen my bra strap before.
*Bob, remind me to never have sex with you.
**It was definitely "remind me never to have." Gees... ruining my image.
* (on the subject of if there were only 2 people left on the planet)
**Hmm, I don't know if I would fall in love with him or not..... I'd definitely have sex, though.
** If you kill everyone else on the planet, I will not have sex with you.
* Gilder: You can like, play with your hair or something. Alyssa: No, I need to play with something down here!
* Oh my god, last night was AMAZING.
*I'm a terrible horrible person! I'm failing to support her efforts to introduce creative writing into this class.
** This isn't funny out of context, only in context (for once)
* Yesssss, I just ate a giant fish.
* I think the thing I want most right now...is a magic wand.
* I'm continuing to enjoy your company, but I've decided I don't need you anymore.




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