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Mudd expatriate what-is-still-a-frosh, who is most certainly on crack. He's also damn sexy.

Member of WithoutaBox, TimeSuck6, and, in his final year at HarveyMuddCollege, ProctorOfVice of EastDorm.

Came to Mudd in Fall 2001, took leave in Winter 2003, returned in Fall 2003, and in Spring 2004 suffered a premature death and set out to seek his fortune across the sea.... that is to say, in Oregon.

Wrote a few interesting pieces of fiction (CaptainBoojawa...) when he was supposed to be working on his HumPaper.

We not-showered his punk ass. And then we showered it.

In the summer of 2001, he introduced himself to the incoming frosh with the following:

''Hey fellow incoming freshpeeps! I am ConorMcNassar (McNasty), one of your
soon-to-be classmates. I'm excited about coming to Mudd this fall,
blickity-blam BOO-YAH! Sorry 'bout that =). I am a crazy guy with monkey
ears, and I have somehow become 6'1" in recent days! I have included a
picture (it's over a year old, so I look a little different now. Just add
some Tom Cruise to it and you'll recognize me this fall. Okay, maybe not.)

I expect to find my mathnerd niche at Mudd. My interests include good
books, tons of video games, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and altered states of
consciousness (naturally induced ones, not chemically!). I look forward to
having an awesome time this year. Mr. Chicken Man does too! ~:^~ .


(not quite as brilliant as his later works, but entertaining nonetheless.)

(during the orgy)
"I now have chocolate on odd places on my body."

"Anything that looks like ass should be treated as such" -a reference to Platt

Responsible for quite a number of other crazy things, but I'm too lazy to list them all. (which is to say, it NeedsRewriting)


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