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Added: 2a3,4
For electronic stuff, please see EastDigitalCoordinator.

Removed: 8d9
* Dehydrator (I hardly know 'er!) -- Hmm. Can't find this as of 2017.

Removed: 10d10
* Gaming TV - small (can we get a less shitty one somehow?)

Removed: 12d11
* LoungeTerm?

Changed: 17,21c16
** stapler
** Board game collection
** bike pump
** Left over party supplies
** Dorm BBQ stuff
** Board game collection

Changed: 24,25c19,20
* juggling stuff
* big chess set
* Upright vacuum cleaner
* Shop vac

Removed: 28,29d22
* chalk
* chess table

Added: 35a29
* Student supply cabinet - Snow shovel, paper towels, toilet paper, large trashbags.

Changed: 38c32,34
(Most storage stuff is currently kept in EDC (linky) and can be accessed by asking a EDC ossifer (linky) to let you in.)
(Most storage stuff is currently kept in EdcStorage and can be accessed by asking a dorm president to let you in.)
* Unicycles and pogo sticks
* Many cleaning supplies - disinfectant spray, paper towels, buckets, etc.

Removed: 40d35
* dorm sledgehammer

Removed: 42d36
** tiki torches

Removed: 44d37
** lights (long blacklights, big blacklight, discoy lights, the normal ones w/gels that have a name I forgot)

Added: 46a40,41
** 2 blenders
** Cups

Removed: 48d42
* big red ball (broken)

Added: 49a44,49
* Sports stuff - Box in EdcStorage
** Basketball
** Badminton stuff
** Football
** Frisbees
* Arts supplies, 2 boxes in EdcStorage - paints, chalk, popsicle sticks, etc.

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