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by SteuardJensen (if anyone knows what class he was, that might be useful - 1998, according to his webpage)
by SteuardJensen '98

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A note on your note: I agree that my original formatting (in the version [on my website]) is harder to parse, so presenting it more clearly here is good. However, if you do manage to re-record it (I'd be grateful for a more polished rendition!) my formatting could be useful: as explained on my site, the text is placed on the page to indicate the timing of the various parts. Listening to the original will be helpful, too. I'd be happy to lend a hand, too.

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I can't believe that i've just started
I can't believe that I've just started

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[They'll lose] Points for all i think this overlaps the next all at once
They'll lose points for all

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(1) JV: Tomorrow though we want an 'A'
(1) JV: [wait until "parted"] Tomorrow though we want an 'A'

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