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Who is this child? What is he doing with potentially illegal nunchucks on campus? And why isn't he on the East Dorm roster?

Nunchuck Frosh is a third-floor Eastie (currently Casefolk) who learned mastery of DuctTape nunchaku, blades, armor, and general silliness from ITR games where liberal amounts of duct tape spawned creativity, and creativity spawned creation. And creation spawned the exceptionally uncomfortable NunchuckConfiscationFiasco which really shouldn't have happened but did. Well maybe it was meant to happen. It has amused many people to no end.

NunchuckFrosh's real name is AlejoEnriquez, but people only use that when actually trying to address him, which would imply he was worth talking to.

NunchuckFrosh is also a quite heavily entrenched figure at CrackInTheAC and the ItrGames. He possesses no special skill in either except for limitless energy (which, admittedly, can be helpful or harmful depending on the situation).

In fact, this is generally NunchuckFrosh's primary facet: hyperactivity. He is known to go overboard on binges of duct tape creation, computer programming, or Biology work (the latter of which is his major, yes, NunchuckFrosh wants to be a BioMajor). It has been theorized that getting him drunk, stoned, or excessively hyper would be like replacing the targeting algorithms in a Battle Mech's programming with a random number generator, and thus would be known as a BadIdea.

NunchuckFrosh wants YOU to give him duct tape! http://www3.hmc.edu/~aenriquez/home.html

Have a nice day.

(As a sidenote, NunchuckFrosh used to belong to the CategoryCrackWhore but kicked the habit specifically for college. Not one of the best-made life's decisions but at least he hasn't ITR'd yet)
No longer a Frosh, and now generally referred to as DuctTapeGuy. Real name: AlejoEnriquez

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