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The only prof in the entire EngineeringDepartment who understands MatLab. Very involved with rock climbing. Went to MIT. His email sign-off is "happy hacking".
The ProfessorsHarris are faculty in the EngineeringDepartment specializing in computer engineering. They are not related, which was likely a source of great confusion among frosh who went on the Harris and Harris climbing trip during orientation.

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It should be noted that "hacking" has a very different connotation at MIT than it does here at Harvey Mudd. Hacking to MIT students is basically the equivalent of pranking at Mudd. The school is slightly less tolerant, but their BigPrank's are way cooler than ours. Unless he's actually an anarchist. -BenjAzose
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"200000 is about equal to infinity. I'm an engineer. I can't count that high."

The above refers to ProfessorDMHarris. SeeAlso? ProfessorSHarris.

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