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Schedule Fall 2010:
Schedule Fall 2011:

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CSCI125 HM 01 Computer Networks ProfessorErlinger BK 202 -M-W--- 11:00a 12:15p

R-- 08:00p 09:00p
MUS 101 SC 01 Music Theory 1 ProfessorYang? PAC 118 -M-W--- 01:15p 02:30p
ProfessorGates? PAC 118 -M---F- 11:00a 11:50a
CSCI182 HM 01 Topics in Complexity Theory ProfessorRan JA B134 -M-W--- 01:15p 02:30p 1st Half-Semester Course
PSYC150 HM 01 Psych of Close Relationships ProfessorMashek TG 203 --T-R-- 09:35a 10:50a
PHIL052 PZ 01 Philosophy of Religion ProfessorAlwishah? BH 101 --T-R-- 12:00p 01:15p
MUS 175A JM 01 Claremont Concert Orchestra ProfessorCubek? PAC 111 -M-W--- 07:30p 9:00p
CSCI### HM 01 Crinic ProfessorOneill? BK 132 --T
11:00a 11:50a
CSCI### HM 01 Colloquium ProfessorOneill? GA PRYN
R-- 04:15p 05:30p
LIFE101 WD 01 The Real World ProfessorLife? LF 101 UMTWRFS 12:00a 11:59p

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