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Changed: 9,13c9,12
ENGL 190 Senior Seminar in English R 4:15 Harper
MUS 124 Analyzing Rock Music TR 1:15 Goltz
MUS 174A Chamber Choir TWR 12:00 Kamm
MUS 171A Piano T 2:30 Simon
MUS 170A Voice W 2:00 Goltz
ENGL 191 Senior Thesis in English
HMSC 145 Ireland: Culture in Conflict T 6:30 Crowley
MUS 174B Chamber Choir TWR 12:00 Kamm
MUS 170B Voice M 2:30 Goltz

Changed: 15,17c14,15
MUS 160A Singer's Diction T 5:45 Goltz
Performance Class R 11:00 Goltz
ENGL 166 Modern American Fiction MW 2:45 Harper
MUS 160B Singer's Diction TR 11:00 Goltz

Changed: 19c17
Total Hours: 5 (translates to 15 units)
Total Hours: 3.5

Changed: 21c19
I was in concert choir, too, but I'm trying to relax (HA!) this year... last semester was hell. Anyway, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Changed: 24c22
-Ace Rimmer
-Ace Rimmer

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