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The Sixth Edition, revamped with simplified rules, considered by most TimeSuck enthusiasts to be both the greatest and worst thing that has happened to EastDorm. Partners in crime to the not-so-frosh-but-still-froshy FroshCloneSuite.
* EliBogart
* ConorMcNassar
* CalPierog
* WillShipley

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* EliBogart (Chris until 5/18/2002)
* ConorMcNassar (Chris)
* CalPierog (Sadly, not Chris)
* WillShipley (Chris until 4/4/2002)


STAY TUNED. We'll have one before the 2001-2002 school year is out, and many the next year.

Other Events:

TimeSuck v GsixtyThree StarCrack game: The gauntlet is down. Assemble your team, KurtDresner! We await your muster.


CalPierog and EliBogart have declared their expectation that TimeSuck6 will get eight hours of sleep every night.


WhiteBoard us! BoardQuotes also requested.

NeedsRewriting, at some small interval.
"... eight hours of sleep a night. Total..."

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