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She was currently living in Linde 246 for the summer. Sophmore year was spent in East 159 with MelissaBanister, frosh year in East 158 with Akemi Kashiawada, and for SummerMath she lived in Atwood 101 with LizzieKadison.
She lived in EastDorm freshman year in East 158 with Akemi Kashiawada, sophomore year in East 159 with MelissaBanister, and junior year with RobinBaur in East 107. Senior year she fled out to SontagDorm, where she lived in Sontag 207C, and along with MikelGrenzner and MarshallPierce, made up TheGrotto?, which threw lots of fun parties.

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While at Mudd, she was on the archery team and CS staff. She graduated and went to CornellUniversity?, where she has almost gotten her Masters of Engineering in CS.

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She has several pets who live with her:
She had several pets who lived with her:

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She also has pets at home:
Magic (a cat)
One fish tank full of guppies.

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