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Removed: 3,5d2
* FunWiki has been upgraded to UseModWiki 1.0. I did some testing, so I hope the transition goes smoothly, but I need to watch out for any bugs that come up, and fix them. --MichaelVrable
* WordGamesWithRules was recreated to fix some database corruption. This should get rid of the "Corrupted Page" messages that were popping up during maintenance and doing a backlink search.
* Caching has been turned off since it was causing a few minor glitches (mostly when switching between normal and administrator modes). If it is a problem having it off (doesn't seem to be), turn it back on, and look into the bugs some more.

Changed: 7c4
* Migrate the wiki to the new WikiKeeper?. This will probably be RichardGarfinkel. I'll try to get some of the above issues resolved before passing it off, which will happen during spring semester. Redirects will have to be set up.
** Of course, I'm a lot lazier than the previous KeeperOfTheWiki, so don't expect this to happen anytime soon. --RichardGarfinkel

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