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* 5:57 Arizona Time (We don't do daylight savings, I can't follow that shit) 5/30/08, JasonWinerip
* 5:57 PM Arizona Time (We don't do daylight savings, I can't follow that shit) 5/30/08, JasonWinerip

Added: 10a11,39
* 20:41 GMT -0600, ArenOlson (If i hadn't had to work tonight I'd be higher on the list)
** Fuck, forgot to minor edit. Head, meet hand.
*** You may have beaten Heather, but you'd have lost to the rest of us. Also, Aren you fail so so so very much.
**** And just when I was considering bumping Tim ahead of you on the to kill list. You ruined this for everyone signing after you.
* (time_t)1212198289, AdamField (would've been earlier, but, while I will admit to watching FunWiki at work, I don't have minor edits turned on there)
* Now. --DuctTapeGuy
* 6:53pm PST, MacKenzieStuart
* 19:16 PST 5/30/08, JeremyWestfahl
* 19:22 PST 5/30/08, AlexisNast
* 19:23 PST 5/30/08, SarahFletcher
* 19:27 PST, AndrewFarmer
* 23:00 EST 5/30/08 MaxGibiansky.
* 1:10 AM EST 5/31/08 DavidLapayowker. Assuming I didn't fuck up my ability to do times, which could well be the case at this time of night. However, I think I'm still in the first 24 hours.
* 22:46 PST, 2008-05-30, JamesBrown
* 2:41 PST, 2008.05.31 KwangKetcham. Woot, I got one!
* 11:33 PST, 5/31/2008 ChrisFerguson
* 13:35 PST, 5/31/2008 JonathanBeall
* 16:07 PST, 5/31/2008 MattKeeter
* 1:58 GMT, 6/01/2008 AmandaKlaus - Just made it, I think! (Located in GMT+1, but details)
** Well, according to the [history], you're a couple of minutes late, but East isn't a community known for splitting hairs or obsessing over details, so we'll let it pass. ;)
*** I'm going to assume that's sarcasm. And that all detectors are failing because I'm really tired.
*** So thanks to FunwikiContact, I was expecting [history] to link to an MD5 cache.
* is it bad that my first thought when I saw that was of Balrog from CaveStory?
* 16:21 PST, 6/3/2008 SkyeBerghel, who blames illness for her FunWiki absence.

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