My art projects

Below is the results of some of my computer art projects. I've got a lot to learn and most of these are the products of my experiments. Each of these pictures is a link to a larger JPEG. If you are interested in a larger version of any of these pictures, please contact me.

Feel free to comment on anything you see here be it positive or criticial. You may also be interested in the rest of my web site.

Bruini Squares 3

[BruiniSquares3] While flipping through, I came across a photo of a beautiful and interesting looking model: Carla Bruini. I started playing with her photo and a background that I had made for another web project consisting of an overlay of a H.R. Giger Biomechanical Landscape with the inside of an artery. I took this image, its constituent parts, and a closeup of a human hair cell and started creating Carlas. Images of Andy Warhol flashed through my mind. I made different versions of the piece and ended up combining the four versions as squares. The sides are made up of the image in the upper right hand corner enlarged. Created 9-98

Tracy 6

[Tracy6] While flipping through my friend Tracy's photo album, I came across some modeling photos she had done a few years back. The photos reminded me of the Robert Palmer girls. I combined these photos with my favorite chloroplasts and a very cool photo of the arteries/veins in the face. I believe that this image was taken by injecting a cadaver's face with a red polymer and then dissolving the tissues away. I then inverted the colors of her shirt, applied a weave and had some fun with how I overlapped the layers. The deconstruction of the image was done manually. Created 6-98

Hansen 2

[Hansen2] Okay, I admit it. I love Christina Ricci. After the CD cover I made using on of her photos from Details Magazine, I created this piece which uses another photo I acquired from one of her fan club web pages. I am not sure, but I believe this one is also from Details. This image was made by using a number of layers and filters. Ricci's face was processed with a mosaic tile filter and combined with a scan I used in Fetus God of chloroplast cells in an exclusion layer. I removed her eyes and lips so that they would not be combined with the underlying layers. I used an Alien Skin carve filter to give an edge to the chloroplast builder. I softened both the Ricci-chloroplast effect and the carve filter effect by creating a cloud and using that as a selection. Created 12-14-97

Synthetic Reflections

[synthetic reflections] This is the cover I made for a EBM/ambient techno compilation CD I made for some friends. This piece is created from four images: a scan from Discovery Magazine of a contortionists from Cirque De Soleil, an artists rendition of the sun (also from Discover Magazine), a scan from a book of Muppets art, and an image of some skull art I found on a web page. No fancy techniques were used, this piece is a fairly simple collage. Created 12-97

Thyst 34

[thyst-34] This is probably a work in progress. One of my friends was kind enough to model for me. I took the photo and applied a cut and desaturation using a gradiated channel. I then started playing with the select color range command and created a number of layers that combined parts of her with the fire plasma from my Fire and Ice 11 project and a scan of some neurons from one of my biology texts. The neuron layer was set on luminosity wile the other layers were combined normally. Created 4-1-97

Becca-Giger 1

[becca-giger-1] I had taken a photo of my friend Becca at my favorite coffee shop here. As I was looking at the photo, I glanced at my desktop wallpaper (Li by H.R. Giger) and saw potential. I used Photoshop to position the faces in the center and found that except for the lips that there was a good correlation. I then used HSC Digital Morph to blend/adjust the features of the painting and Becca. I used photoshop to isolate just the morphed face and added that back to the original. Created 2-27-97.

Arwen Day-Night

[fenn-7] This is from a scan of my lovely friend Arwen. I removed a lot of her hair to better fit with the background. The photo in the background was one that my mother took during the Sunset-Eclipse that happened in 91. It is hard to see in the scan, but if you squint just right you can see the moon passing through the sun. I used Photoshop layering effects to screen her with the sunset. The night side was created by using clouds with a KPT 3.0 texture layered with a fractal from KPT 2.0 fractal designer.

Giger Babe

[fenn-7] This was an idea I had for a while although I am not really satisfied with the result. The two women were pulled from Usenet newsgroups and the heads were scanned from H. R. Gigers Necronomicon. The background was scanned from my Physiology text and is rat tracheal cells. The little fly is a mutated drosophilia.',

Fetus God 3

[fenn-7] This piece may not be completed yet but I have been sitting on it for long enough. The entity in the center is a rat fetus scanned from my Physiology text. The pentagram was created using the Photoshop paths some noise filters. The background are chloroplasts (plant cells). The glowing effect around the fetus was created with the Alien Skin glow filter


[fenn-7] In the bottom corner, Sherlyn Fenn looks up dreamily at a vortex of flower-women and purple spheroids. My goal when I started this project was to create a dark synthesis of images from* groups. I got sidetracked and this is the result. The landscape is the work of some other digital artist I came upon a year + ago on the web. I don't remember where I got it from. The lovely "flower" lady was from a JPG (vp008) I pulled off one of the* newsgroups. I used KPT 3.0 to create the spheroids and the vortex tiling to create the.. well vortex effect. Alien Skin motion trails were added to the flower-woman in the top corner and the spheroids in the bottom corner.

Fire & Ice-11

[fireice-11] This piece was inspired by a vision I had one night as I lay me down to sleep. In it, an "ice" figure built of geometric primitives floated triumphantly in a fiery sea. The fire was created using a Photoshop cloud with some distortions applied to it. It looked too much like a "cloud" and not enough like fire though so I applied an Alien Skin filter which added some texture to the fire. I then created the figure using the True Space modeller. I made it of a metallic blue material and raytraced/rendered the picture with the fiery background. I then started playing around and ended up with the ghost images. This piece was created in January of 1996.


[Masreel-1] I do not remember where I got the orignal for this work. I believe that it is a painting by a European artist within the last century or so. If you recognize it, please let me know through feedback. This piece was technically simply to make. It primarily involved playing around with Photoshop 3.0's lighting effects. This piece was created in January of 1995.


[Al12] This is my artistic friend Alicia maliciously objectified by my computer.. fighting back with all the subjectivism she can muster (which BTW is quite a lot if I do say so)....


[Trip3] I made this work sometime in late september. This came as a result of some of my experiments with applying gradients and filters to fractals. The golden image in the background was a result of some experiments with feathering and distortion filters.

Logo Art 4

[Logoart4] I made this during second semester finals last year. The image of the man and the distorted figure are from Salvador Dali paintings. The tiling was created by taking my business logo and rotating the color placement of the attraction/repulsion lines. I took four of them and then filled them with a various color gradients and used them as tiles. Light to dark gradients were added with varying degrees of transparency to the picture to hopefully give a feeling of distance to the picture. Finally I used the photoshop twirl filter for final effect.