Ian Darke
Ian Darke (formerly Ian Leicht)
Who am I? I am spitting kitty. Ftt Fttttttt. I am angry bear. Grrrrr. I am large watermelon seed stuck in your nose. Zermmmmmmmmmm. I am small biting spider in your underwear. Yub yub yub. I am shameless plagiarizer chuckling you with others' words.
What am I? A 30-something year old cyberpunk/geek who has read too much Tom Robbins for his own good.
Where am I? I currently reside in Los Angeles (West Hollywood-ish).
Why am I? Please consult the alt.sex hierarchy to learn how my parents performed this tricky feat.
When am I? Carpe Nocturne.
Ian Darke? Ian Leicht? When I married Jhoana Esendencia, we decided to both change our last names to Darke.
What do I? I've held a number of technology management (read: yuppie scum computer geek) positions at entertainment-media companies.

This Site In case you were wondering, [Calvin] this site is called "Planet Zog" because I used to use the handle "Spaceman Spiff" when I was feeling social on the internet or local BBS. I've always identified with Calvin and especially with Spaceman Spiff "The Intrepid Explorer." The name has nothing to do with the monarchist movement in Albania (yes I have been asked) or the Zionist Occupational Government [gun totin' white power sicko freaks]
Interests I am a computer geek. Hear my squeek. I love them. I became obsessed with computers when I started programming them in 3rd grade and it hasn't stopped. Since my early obsession with computers, I have diversified into philosophy, digital art, eastern religion, and creative writing (although I admittedly spend less time in these pursuits then I used to...) I am primarily interested in digital art. I have published a gallery of my work here. Don't worry -- I'm keeping my day job. I also love the work of Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger. Some of my favorite authors include the debauched Tom Robbins, Issaic Asimov, Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein, and William Gibson.

In addition to these more cerebral pleasures, I enjoy debauchery and enjoy frequenting trance/house and industrial/goth clubs such as Spundae, Giant, Basic, Mor, and Dunegon. I also enjoy rock climbing, snow boarding (hint: don't land on your collarbone after jumping), and working out at the gym.

Just in case you started to forget that I am a computer nerd, I pretty much spend most of my life camped out in front of my computer. Whether its hacking my Xbox/Tivo or working on my Linux or Windows servers, I always have a few "geek" projects going on. A few years ago, I was rather active in the war against junk email.

I have been acquired by a cute cat (self-cleaning model) whom I have dubbed Jezebel. The name suits her. 'nuff said.

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