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I have held technology management positions at entertainment, internet/e-commerce, marketing, and consulting companies and am comfortable working in environments ranging from entrepreneurial startups to large Fortune 500 organizations.

As a manager, I leverage my hands-on experience in the full life cycle development of Internet applications including e-commerce systems and the deployment of server, network, and software infrastructure. As an Analyst, I work closely with senior management to identify business problems that can be cost effectively solved with technology. I translate business objectives into prioritized technical requirements, evaluate various implementation strategies, and identify measurable metrics. When technology allows for the optimization of business processes, I work with the appropriate department heads to enact change within the organization.



CPG, entertainment, media, retail, finance, healthcare, and Fortune 500 experience. Ability to apply strategic management principles to Internet-based business ventures. Extremely dependable in completing projects on time and within budgetary constraints. Experienced in the full life cycle development of Internet applications including e-commerce systems and the deployment of server, network, and software infrastructure. Excellent facilitator/problem solver/conduit between business, information systems, applications development, and creative teams. Has built strong technical teams - solving problems while balancing feature set, timeline, cost, and elegance. IT and other areas of expertise include:
SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES: BroadVision, CyberCash, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 through 2003, Netscape Mail and LDAP Servers, Enterprise Search Engines, Microsoft Office, Visio, WSUS
DATABASES: SQL Server 7/2000 Enterprise, Informix, MySQL, Access
WEB SERVERS: IIS, Apache, Netscape/iPlanet, NCSA HTTPD
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Win NT through 2003, Win 3.1 through Vista, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, IRIX
SECURITY: Firewalls, VPNs, Certificate Servers, OS Hardening, IPtables, Snort IDS, Encryption
HARDWARE: Dell/Compaq Servers/Desktops, Sun Servers, Desktops, Load Balancers, Switches, Firewalls, SAN
ADVERTISING: Traffic Analysis, Mass Email Marketing, DoubleClick AdServer, DoubleClick DART, Unicast
STREAMING: Real Server, Windows Media Services & Encoder APIs/Architecture, Interactive TV, Streaming advertising architecture
Software Development Analytics Recruiting/Training Project Management
Systems Analysis/Design/Dev Product Management Evaluation Partnerships


Entertainment Industry, Los Angeles, CA 2006-Present
CONSULTANT (contract)
Nutrition Express, Torrance, CA 2005-2006
Cataloger and retail chain focused on the health and fitness related consumable packaged goods.

Managed development of Nutrition Express' next generation ASP.NET e-commerce platform. Interviewed key stakeholders to determine business requirements. Developed use cases and wireframes based upon business requirements and best practices in e-commerce and online marketing. Created project schedules and authored coding and database standards. Set up development, staging, and production environments. Developed N-Tier architecture including presentation, fa├žade, business rules, business objects, and data access layers. Leveraged AJAX (i.e. XMLHTTP and JavaScript) techniques to improve back office performance. Reviewed code and tested application against functional specifications. Converted pre-existing code base from VB.NET to C#. Leveraged client-side techniques including URL rewriting and dynamically generated navigation elements to reduce average page weight by 50K and improve the performance of pre-existing code base 100X. Implemented server-side URL rewrite module to create friendly URLs in order to improve search engine rankings and site usability.

Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, XML, SQL Server 2000, Oracle, Visual Studio 2003, Visio, ApexSQL Diff and Doc, "AJAX", JavaScript, XMLHTTP, DHTML, CSS

O'Grady Meyers, Torrance, CA 2004-2005
Interactive Marketing agency serving the Consumer Packaged Goods and Healthcare industries.

Developed corporate presence and delivered internet marketing campaigns for nestleusa.com, nestlehealthcarenutrition.com, verybestbaby.com, powerbar.com, missionfoods.com, and other well known consumer brands. Integrated solutions with client's content management, CRM, and web analytics systems. Began corporate transition to ASP.NET and CSS based development. Identified high-risk projects and identified solutions to mitigate impact on customers. Rescued a high-profile CRM project by formulating a new project strategy. Results: Project was successfully delivered on time.

Managed the organization through a difficult period of rapid growth. Grew the technology team from two to eight members. Instituted best practices in web application development (QA, "go live", code libraries, etc) and project management. Rebuilt much of the corporate IT infrastructure including file, email, DNS, network, web, and database servers to support expansion.

Served as the conduit between clients and internal marketing staff and the technology department. Translated client's marketing requirements into functional and technical specifications.

Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, ASP, VBscript, "AJAX", JavaScript, XML, XMLHTTP, PERL, HBX Enterprise, ePiphany, SQL Server 2000, Veritas Backup Exec, Microsoft Exchange 2003, Mikrotik Firewall

Warner Music Group, Burbank, CA 2002 - 2003

WMG has thousands of Internet properties. Proposed new approach to web analytics. Developed architecture, standards, project and testing plans, change management presentations, and technical documentation. Adapted vendor's technology to multiple environments (static, dynamic, published, e-commerce, flash, etc). Developed technologies in order to reduce implementation costs and timeline. Proactively identified roadblocks and dangers to the critical path and crafted solutions to keep the project on track. Evangelized technology. Results: New system is now providing sophisticated toolset to strategic marketers and is driving change in engineering and marketing of properties. Ongoing maintenance requirements are minimal.

WMG hosts hundreds of Internet properties (IIS and Apache) in primary data center. Developed data-center administration application that programmatically drives web server, FTP, DNS, and email server configuration across multiple business units and server farms.

Provided assistance to various groups in the company in subject areas including online marketing, web application development and management, Internet strategy, and security.

Technologies: ASP, PERL, JavaScript, Flash, HTML, Excel VBA, OLAP, SQL Server 2000, WebTrends Reporting Center, Webtrends Intelligence Suite, Web Beacon Traffic Measurement, IIS, Apache, Linux, Communigate Pro, GlobalScape Secure FTP, DNSOne

Self, Los Angeles, CA 2001 - 2002

Metiri historically developed point solutions for each of their client's requirements. This led to quantities of redundant code, maintenance issues, and longer deployment times. Worked with management to develop requirements and technical specifications for a general-purpose system. Delivered functional specifications, Visio flowcharts and database diagrams, and coded site in HTML, CSS, and object oriented ASP using a SQL Server 2000 database w/ stored procedures. Results: Project was delivered under budget. Metiri is now able to rapidly deploy new client projects and has the ability to analyze data within a common framework.

Developed prototype technology for 1x1 pixel based usability and traffic analysis system based upon ASP and SQL Server 2000 w/ stored procedures.

Developed business model, financials, and prototype technology (Apache, PERL, and Linux) for an enterprise advertising filtering and privacy enhancement system.

Technologies: ASP, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, PERL, Win2K, Linux, IIS, Apache, SQL Server 2000, Exchange 2000, Data Centers, Network Architecture, Snort, IPtables, Web Beacon Traffic Measurement.

Digital Media Campus, El Segundo, CA 2000 - 2001
Developer of sports, music and entertainment related interactive and new technology business models.

Provided CTO services to a portfolio of companies. Performed due diligence on potential investments.

Vendor estimated 4 weeks and $75,000 to scope out Phase 2 of PamTV.com's site. Performed detailed needs analysis and generated documentation of functional specifications, database architecture, visio diagrams, code skeletons, and generated a counter work-estimate in four days. Results: saved $75,000 in the scoping phase. Saved $100,000 in the second phase.

Developed a strategy and technical framework for integrating Addition.net's streaming-insertion technology with the scheduling systems, personalized profiles, ad servers and streaming server farms of potential clients. Results: delivered an end-to-end solution for the Internet radio marketplace.

Addition.net's technology could only be demonstrated to potential clients/investor via a demo by a sales agent. Developed a web-base solution. Results: a demonstration of their technology could be done, applied to the Internet radio. Based on their ability to demonstrate the applicability of their technology to the streaming music market, Addition.net was acquired by Loudeye Technologies.

Technologies: ASP, VB, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, PERL, Win2K, Linux, IIS, Apache, SQL Server 2000, MySQL, Exchange 2000, Data Centers, Traffic Analysis (WebTrends Live and DoubleClick), Advertising Servers (DoubleClick and Proprietary) Streaming Media Architecture (Real and Windows Media), and Mass Email Marketing.

MXG Media, Manhattan Beach, CA 1999 - 2000
Media company providing entertainment with embedded commerce across a variety of media properties including: web, magazine on newsstands, catalog, broadband, and TV.

Built technology department from a staff of one for a company experiencing rapid growth. Results: Supported growth of company from a single office with 30 people to five offices and 100 people while taking over previously outsourced development projects.

Converted technology framework on highly trafficked sites from ColdFusion/Sybase to new technology framework in time for national media campaign with less than five minutes of scheduled downtime. New MXG technology framework consisted of load-balanced and fault-tolerant web server farm (Dell Servers w/ Alteon load balancer) architected in three-tiered Microsoft DNA framework (ASP, VB, stored procedures, clustered SQL Server 7 Enterprise) with extensive use of Server Side Includes to reduce redundancy and facilitate future maintenance. User interface built using HTML, Flash, Javascript, and CSS. Development tools included Homesite, Interdev, Linkbot, Metabot, Photoshop, ImageReady, Flash, and Visio. Results: New architecture (hardware + software) deployed in 6 weeks. New platform scaled to increased traffic and application load while providing a flexible platform for the rapid deployment of new features. Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs. Over 200,000 registered members and 10M-ad impressions/month.

Organized meetings of department heads to develop a shared vision of our e-commerce strategy. Determined business requirements, extracted functional specifications, identified process inefficiencies, and built a phased project rollout that balanced revenue generation and cost saving potential with implementation time. Results: project developed on time, in two months for $50,000 without cultural resistance. New systems enhanced security for credit cards, reduced order fulfillment time and improved representation of inventory. $200,000/month on line sales, 2% conversion of store visits to buyers.

Wore a variety of hats (Project Manager, Tech Lead, Programmer, System Administrator, Business Analyst) as needed. Balanced hands-on involvement in day-to-day production with guidance and strategic leadership. Prioritized requests from multiple internal clients (Advertising Sales, Business Development, Merchandising, Editorial, and Television Production) and coordinated projects between web engineering, web creative, content producers, and IT. Developed "go live" / QA policies and secured content management tools (PERL + VPN.) Results: Cut web development costs by 50%. Increased the quality and volume of output while maintaining strong staff morale.

Technologies: ASP, COM, VB, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, PERL, SMIL, WAP, NT 4.0 Enterprise, Win2K, Linux, IIS, SQL Server Enterprise Cluster, Exchange Server, Load Balancers, Traffic Analysis (WebTrends, NetTracker, Hitbox, Proprietary), Interactive TV, DoubleClick, Streaming Video, Mass Email Marketing, B2C E-Commerce, Content Management, HomeSite, Interdev, LinkBot, Metabot, Photoshop, ImageReady, Visio.

Inspired Arts, La Jolla, CA 1998 - 1999
Web developer and dot-com Incubator offering design, engineering, marketing & strategic consulting

Managed MIS, Internet Engineering and Web Development. Created phased web development methodology for managing clients, internal workflow (creative, technical, content, QA / "go-live", etc), and assets. Results: acted as an agent of change from culture to paradigms.

Worked with clients such as Chicken of the Sea, Rohr Aerospace, Star Systems, and Community Care Network. Met with client POCs to understand their business model and to develop an Internet strategy that meshed with corporate marketing objectives. Used information gathered from clients, research from sources such as Jupiter, and personal background in web development to propose information architecture and prioritized feature sets based upon desire to position the company and products to various constituencies including end consumers, partners, and investors. Technologies and development tools included: HTML, DHTML, Javascript, CSS, Flash, ASP, SQL Server, Homesite, and Dreamweaver.

Developed and managed strategic relationships with BroadVision, Jupiter Communications, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle. Provided high-level sales support and acted as primary POC for major accounts. Developed/delivered presentations on Internet strategies/technologies to audiences throughout California in conjunction with Sun, Oracle, ACS, and Cisco. Results: generated new leads and sales.

Recruited, interviewed, and trained key personnel throughout the organization including the VP of Business Development, CIO, Project Managers, and Software Engineers.

Technologies: ASP, PERL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, LDAP, Solaris, NT4, SQL Server, Traffic Analysis (NetTracker), Netscape Mail Server, Exchange Server, Netscape Enterprise, BroadVision, CyberCash, OpenMarket, B2B/B2C E-Commerce, Homesite, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, ImageReady, Metabot, Linkbot.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), La Jolla, CA 1994 -1998
Fortune 500 High-Technology Research & Engineering

Chief Architect of SAIC On-line Company Store, used by over 5,000 employees. Designed/ maintained application, supporting HTML, help system and reports. Tasked Store Administrators, Technical Writer and HTML author. Results: documented 158 pages and trained support staff. Over $1 million in internal sales and $500,000 in savings.

The America's Cup 95 site generated more hits than traffic analysis technology at the time could process. Developed PERL based Enterprise Traffic Analysis system. Results: Was able to provide marketing intelligence to management and extend the system to support over 50 corporate web sites.

Technologies: PERL, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Java, VB, HPUX, Solaris, IRIX, NT4, Traffic Analysis (Proprietary, WebTrends, Net.Genesis, Microsoft, NetTracker, etc), NCSA HTTPD, Netscape Enterprise, VRML, WAIS, Enterprise Search Engines/Knowledge Management Systems, B2B E-Commerce.


2004Nestle Consumer Relationship Management and ePiphany training
2004Microsoft Executive Briefing Center
2003Omniture Web Analytics Forum
1999UCSD, Strategic Management
1998 - 1999UCSD, Project Management
1998 BroadVision, Sales Training
1998 BroadVision, Application Development I
1998 Netscape, LDAP Server
1997 University of Utah, Management of Technology and Innovation
1995-1997 University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
1991 - 1995 Harvey Mudd College Claremont, CA