Ian Darke
Red Gauze
Colorless I stand limp against the wall. I feel the earth shake lightly under my feet as wave after wave of dizzy spells confuse my perceptions. A thin veil slowly rises up around me causing a certain interference in emotional transmissions. The haze closes is and congeals into a humanoid form made of folded red gauze with enough layers to be almost opaque. It closes its ruby eyes (with emerald green pupils - no doubt some form of a lost magic) and steps into a ballet segment. The gauze trailing after it in red spirals. Even when in the middle of a pirouette, you can always feel those eyes beating down your defense, seeking to make contact with the inner unprotected you, Many dislike this feeling and therefore dislike the gauze man, but some learn to enjoy the danger of it, or find sincere pleasure in expressing their feelings to an almost random stranger. Most though feel as the former and walk away with a sense of personal violation that they can't put their fingers on.