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Case File: c5343-98&ux3-q6
Classification: Top Secret
Subject: Pre-Treatment Psychological Influences on Project Big Bang Subject: Tom King.

The following report is an excerpt from the interview with Tom Kingís mother: Elizabeth King upon his consignment at the San Francisco Center for the Psychologically Disadvantaged.

Begin Transcript:

Dr. Brown: Tell me about how your sonís problems began.

Elizabeth King: I remember telling him, "God is
letting our soul borrow a mind and a body. These are some
one elseís property; treat them as such. You are not to do
that meditating anymore. If god wanted our minds like that,
he would have made them that way."

"I'm sorry mom.. I'm sorry God." He sobbed. But he didn't
stop meditating. Tom began to meditate just before going to
sleep every night. He became adept at quickly entering and
then quickly leaving the trance like state. Soon he
discovered that when sitting in a group of people, they
couldn't tell if he was meditating. If a question was
directed at him or if his presence was required, he would
return to the world and engage them in conversation.
When the need passed, he would return to his meditating.

He thought I didnít notice his sins, but I did. When I
accused him of it, I watched his eyes snap back into focus
as he assured me I was wrong. Lord forgive me for letting
the devil poison his mind.

End Transcript

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