here's the semi-sucky, manually driven version of life.  if a critter is next to 2 or 3 other little critters, then it will live.   otherwise, it dies of loneliness or overcrowding.  if there is an empty space with exactly 3 neighbors, then someone new will move in.  special thanks to rj for getting that straightened out for me.
hitting 'next gen' will cause the next generation to appear on the screen.  hitting plague will cause a plague to tear through the populace, resulting in many deaths.  restart will begin with a new population.
more natural and unnatural disasters on their way.
anyways, try not to kill your mouse or your spacebar or whatever if you decide to start iterating through a hundred generations by hand.   i should get a nuclear war button going, that you can press and then the rules will mutate since the population mutated too....

a color scale has now been implemented.  the different colors indicate how many generations, or i suppose years would make more sense, that the critter has lived through, according to the spectrum below:

last updated 09.10.99
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