hit the new game button to start.  do me a favor and don't hit the new game button again unless you're dead.  now that all of the old thread things have been deprecated in java 1.2, i can't figure out how to pause the game, or how to kill a thread gracefully.   working on it, though.  the green thing is your snake.   there's no visible head, but you figure it's on the end that's moving forward.  blue is wall.  snake meets wall equals dead.  snake meets snake equals dead.  red is apple, snack, foodthing of some sort.  snake meets apple equals good.  snake grows by 3 units, the speed increases with every two apples you eat, you need to eat 10 to finish the round.  control with arrow keys.  game just stops at the moment when you're done.   nowhere near the final version.  am currently getting things done with the swing package, will require 1.2 plugin, i think, will add more modes and levels of game play.  this is just the earliest working version posted so i feel like i've done something useful.  swing probably won't be up for a while.

Okay, scratch that.  Swing version is now available.  See main page for link.

version 0.5 posted 03.05.00
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