Notes on Nibbles:

The green feller is your snake.  He doesn't have a head, per se, but you figure that the direction that he's moving in is probably the direction in which his head lies.  The red squares are designated apples.  Your task is to eat them.  These are magic apples, so when you eat one, you get longer and faster.  Control lies in the use of the arrow keys.  Up, down, left, right only.  If the snake runs into an apple, this is eating it.  If it runs into itself, he dies.  Well, maybe he doesn't die, that's rather harsh, but he at least causes himself enough pain that the game discontinues.  The blues squares are wall.  The snake doesn't like ramming his head into that, either.

Press the new game button to start a new game.  Press the pause button to pause the game.  Press it again to unpause the game.  The gray rectangle beneath the play area is something of a status display.   However, for an apple count, check the bottom of your browser window.

MODES OF PLAY: You'll see beneath the gray rectangle is a button for choosing modes of play.

normal: Very simple mode, although once I figure out an efficient method of generating levels, it won't be as simple.  You have 10 apples to eat.  Eat them.  There will be one apple on the board at once.  Then the game ends.

endurance: The goal here is to eat as many apples as you can before dying.  I think my record here is something like 36.  Another apple will appear when you have eaten the last.

endurance 2: The goal here is also to eat as many apples as you can before dying.  The added dimension is that apples will come and go on the screen randomly.  I think got up to 76 on this one.

general release notes: And generally stuff you didn't have to hear but I felt like noting.  The speed of one's snake for some reason experiences a rather noticeable jump between having consumed 10 apples and 11 apples.  Furthermore, the keyboard input is analyzed every time the snake moves, so if you input more than one command between snake moves, the last one will be the one processed.  This is triflingly important to you if you're trying to pull off a swift maneuver while your snake is still moving slowly.  Also, if you direct your snake to proceed in the direction opposite to the one it is currently moving, I interpret this as you wanting your snake to swallow itself, an entirely unhealthy move, which will result in your snake's incapacitation and the end of the game.  I also believe that once in a while the animation jumps a little.  And sometimes the pause button doesn't work, but I'm guessing that it has something to do with what has focus when, rather than me just messing up the pause states, and I just haven't looked that deeply into that issue.

version > 1.2 posted 03.15.00
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