version 2.2
know the rules?  click where you want your piece.  players take turns.  pieces can be captured vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.  pieces can only be placed where there is no other piece and it causes at least one opponent's piece to get caught between two of yours.  those captured pieces are flipped over to your own color.  sometimes you're stuck and you can't make a legal move.  that's what the pass button is for, cuz that's what you have to do.  right now, i haven't bothered figuring out how to tell when there aren't any valid moves for you to make.  game ends when all legal moves are made.  winner is whoever's got the most pieces.  technically.  for clarification on the 'technically' part, read the boring updates below the applet.

you're black.  if you want to be white, then press 'pass' at the beginning of the game.

version 2.2 notes.  tweaked the AI again.  it seems to be defeating me a little more than before, but then, i still can't play othello very well myself, who can say how accurate that statement is?

version 2.1 notes.  tweaked the AI.  you'll probably still win most of the time, but at least it doesn't play as haphazardly anymore.  or maybe it plays even more haphazardly....  well, who can say?  judge for yourself.  at least it's a little less predictable.  of course, i can say that because i know exactly how it thought.

version 2.01 notes.  added the one/two player option.

version 2.0 notes.  made that AI.  as promised, it's stupid.   in fact, you're probably going to be able to beat it most of the time.  it'll get smarter.  all i have to do is start adding some more parameters and some randomness.  you might notice that if you play the exact same moves, the cpu will automatically respond with the same move every time.  the computer also goes almost immediately after you do, so you don't get much of a chance to see what you did, or even notice that the computer went.  and i centered those buttons.  sometimes the computer won't go.  that's because it didn't see any valid moves and it's passing.  it actually says it on the bottom, but it flashes by so quickly that you can't see it.

version 1.0 notes.  game does not officially end until the entire board is filled.  the game is currently a 2 player game.  my project as of now is to try to develop an "AI" for the computer, but unfortunately, my othello skills suck, majorly, so the computer will probably be pretty stupid and unoriginal.   it shows the status of your game down at the bottom of your window, but it disappears when your mouse leaves the applet and won't come back until you do click something.  at least, that happens in my netscape window.  i don't think i'll bother fixing that.  deal with it.  and yes, i know my buttons aren't centered.

last updated 10.13.99
version 2.2 posted 10.13.99
version 2.1 posted 05.10.99
version 2.01 posted 05.09.99
version 2.0 posted 05.09.99
version 1.0 posted 05.07.99

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