welcome to spamsweeper.  play it like minesweeper, but there ain't no timer cuz i was too lazy to implement a timer.  game moves kinda slowly anyways, since it's just a giant applet.  i'm so sad, *wah*   it wasn't supposed to be like that.  anyways.  press shift instead of the right mouse button cuz the right mouse acts like the left mouse button, and that's bad when you're trying to play minesweeper.  why is is spamsweeper?  cuz you're trying to find those nasty cans of spam before they get you.  try not to die, or i'll be forced to code some explosion animation or something of a can of spam nailing the inside of your screen.  as interesting as that would be, i've not the patience when i'm still trying to figure out how to get my file to accept being opened for writing, and yes i did close it from reading first.  and what about dying?  how does that work?  each square you click on will give the number of spams around it.  i take no responsibility if you click on the lines; i never bothered figuring out which square would be selected.  if you click on a square that has a spam in it, you're toasted.  try not to click on the ones with spams.  game ends when you've exposed all of the non-spam squares.  you can mark the ones that you think are spams with a shift-click.  you can unmark them with another shift-click. 
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