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Harvey Mudd College, Spring 1997

Computer Science 151

Artificial Intelligence

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Robert Keller, 242 Olin (4-5 p.m. MTuW or appt.), keller@turing.cs.hmc.edu, x 18483

Catalog Description

Knowledge representation, including rule-based systems and neural networks, learning paradigms, and philosophical challenges to artificial intelligence. Discussion of areas of current research: natural language processing, robotics, vision, cognitive modeling, case-based-reasoning. Prerequisite: Computer Science 131. 3 credit hours. (Second semester.)

Course Goals

In the short span of one semester, we wish to gain exposure to as broad a range of AI ideas as possible, exercising some of these ideas through programming assignments. We also wish to pursue in greater depth one or more topics of individual interest, in the form of a project which entails implementation.


35% programming assignments

15% tutorial presentation

35% project

15% project presentations (proposal and final presentation)

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Course Outline (approximate)

[read in the main text the chapters shown]

  1. Read for yourself: Definition and History of AI [ch 1], Intelligent Agents [ch 2]
  2. 2 weeks: Searching, Constraint Satisfaction [ch 3-4]
  3. 1 week: Game Playing [ch 5]
  4. 2 weeks: Reasoning and Logic [ch 6-7]
  5. 1 week: Knowledge Bases [ch 8]
  6. 1week: Inference and Reasoning [ch 9-10]
  7. 1 week: Planning [ch 11-13]
  8. skip: Uncertainty and Belief [ch 14-15]
  9. skip: Decisions [ch 16-17]
  10. 1 week: Learning, Neural Networks [ch 18-21]
  11. 1 week: Communication: Natural Language [ch 22-23]
  12. 2 weeks: Perception: Vision and Speech [ch 24]
  13. 1 week: Robotics [ch 25], Philosophy and Future Directions [ch 26-27]

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