Some comments received about "Bob Keller's Jazz Page"

Thank you for the jazz links page. It has a wealth of information that I find useful frequently. I am a professional musician in Minneapolis, MN. I play the sax and clarinet in a local jazz group, plus I have my own band. Incidentally, I also have a "day job" programming computers around town.

How did you manage to find all of those links? You must have spent hours surfing to come up with all that. It's impressive. It will take me years to get through all of it.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

I've been enjoying your "Bob Keller's Jazz Page" for some time now. Recently (about a minute ago, in fact) I stumbled on your syllabus for the improv class you teach there at Harvey Mudd. There are 2 terms on there I have never heard in 25 years as a professional musician here in Minneapolis, MN....can you please tell me what are the "Montgomery Ward Bridge" and the "Sears-Roebuck bridge"?

Thanks, and keep up the great work out there.

Sincere congratulations on your compendium of jazz materials. When I scribbled Enhancing Midi Recordings--about 10 years ago--I found little published about the nature of jazz. Good luck with your teaching.

Mr. Keller, first of all, thanks for your Jazz links page. It's a hodge-podge of this-and-that, but a very useful hodge-podge. My wife and I have each spent a few hours following quite a few of those links.

Also, it's interesting to see that you have a background in both Computer Science AND music/jazz, which are two of my passions. I/T consulting and Java development pays my bills, and the music gives me and my wife a creative outlet.

Best of luck to you and Harvey Mudd College.

Hi Bob What a great jazz page you have there. I am looking forward to exploring it. If you think it is appropriate, maybe you could add a link to my jazz guitar internet radio.

all the best


Great website! It may not be everything, but it's a whole lot!

Please consider adding my own website,, to your list

I applaud your efforts on behalf of great music-

best wishes....Joshua


Thank you very much for including on your links page. I get a couple of visitors every day from your site.

I am impressed with the number of links you have collected and like your organization so have included it on my website to help others.

Thanks again!

Jeremy Wilson

Bob Keller has put together the most comprehensive collection of Jazz educational links ever. I'm serious, this is the [stuff].

Casa Valdez Studios

A great jazz resource page with links to jazz radio stations, California jazz gigs, instruction, and an amazing amount of other stuff.

Ron Newman, Professor of Music, Michigan State University