Sample Impro-Visor Solos

Listed here are a few sample solos composed with the aid of Impro-Visor. Most are written by humans, but some contain trading with Impro-Visor or entire choruses composed by Impro-Visor without human intervention. Each has a manuscript composed of Impro-Visor screen shots and a MIDI file that will play when you open the page.  (To silence playback, hit the pause button at the bottom.) Impro-Visor would track the position within the leadsheet as the solos are being played, but we don't have this kind of animation on the web.


The leadsheet files for most solos can be found in the leadsheets directory of the latest release.


        A Foggy Day 

        Agua de Beber 

        All God's Chillun Got Rhythm 

        All The Things You Are 

        Along Came Betty

        A Night In Tunisia


        Because I Love You 

        Blues For Alice

        Detour Ahead

        Giant Steps

        Groovin' High

        Little Sunflower

        The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

        This Is For Albert

        12-Bar Blues in F (66 consecutive choruses improvised in real-time by Impro-Visor, without human intervention)

Sample Impro-Visor Transcriptions


        Anthropology (Charlie Parker)

        Laird Baird (Charlie Parker)

        Now's The Time (Clifford Brown)

        Now's The Time (Charlie Parker)

        Picadilly Lilly (Dave Liebman)

        Yardbird Suite (Charlie Parker)

Original Compositions Expressed Using Impro-Visor

        Blues For Gary

        When Sonny Plays the Blues

        You Must Remember Diz'

Sample Impro-Visor Exercises

Here are a few exercises constructed using Impro-Visor.

        Altered Dominant Cells

        Major 2-5-1 Step-Down Exercise

        Minor 2-5-1 Step-Down Exercise

        Cycle of Fifths Exercises

Sample Bass Lines Constructed Using Impro-Visor

Here are a few bass lines constructed using Impro-Visor.

        All The Things You Are

        How Deep Is The Ocean?


Most of the printed solos have Impro-Visor's note coloration feature turned on. This is an instructional option in Impro-Visor, which differentiates notes, in this case as follows:

Black: Chord tones

Green: Color tones (consonant tones in chord extensions)

Blue: Approach tones to chord or color tones

Red: All others

These are designed to help someone writing a solo discern how well a note will sound over a given chord.