Matt Brubeck


Nov 2019 – present

FullStory: Senior Staff Engineer

I work on the Rust libraries that power FullStory's native mobile app frameworks.

Mar 2010 – May 2019

Mozilla: Senior Staff Engineer

I worked on Firefox and Gecko for mobile devices, and on Servo, an experimental web browser engine built with Rust.

I also represented Mozilla in the W3C Web Events and Pointer Events working groups, and was co-editor of the Touch Events and Pointer Events specifications.

Oct 2008 – Mar 2010

Kiha: Software Engineer

I wrote Android apps using Java, WebKit, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I contributed to the open-source ActiveJS library, including major optimizations to its SQL model.

Jun 2008 – Sep 2008

blist: Software Engineer

I worked on blist’s front-end interface in Adobe Flex and back-end services in Ruby on Rails, building an easy-to-use online spreadsheet/database application.

Apr 2005 – Jun 2008 Software Development Engineer

I wrote front-end and back-end code for Seller Central, Amazon’s website for third-party sellers, using Perl, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, and Java.

I designed, implemented, and operated a highly-available content management system to display the help pages on, Seller Central, and other Amazon sites.

May 2003 – Mar 2005

GoTech: Web Developer

I worked with clients and graphic designers to build dynamic web sites in ColdFusion, PHP, and, including Seattle YMCA,, and Intercity Transit.

Jun 2002 – May 2003

ECRI: Software Engineer

I helped implement a new user interface for geographic profiling of serial violent crimes. I wrote Visual Basic and C++ bindings to connect Microsoft’s MapPoint GIS interface to ECRI’s analysis and visualization tools.

Open Source

Nov 2001 – Sep 2006

Audacity: Lead Developer

I contributed to Audacity, a free open-source audio editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows. With the two other lead developers, I managed Audacity’s all-volunteer developer community.

I programmed in C++, internationalized the UI with GNU gettext, coordinated the localization team, managed builds and releases, maintained the Debian package, and created the Audacity web site.


Sep 1998 – May 2002

Harvey Mudd College: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Computer Science courses: Data Structures, Algorithms, Architecture and Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Logic, Theory of Computation.
  • Mathematics courses: Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Graph Theory, Signal Processing, Scientific Computing, Computational Geometry.
  • Independent study/research courses: Wavelets, Fractional Graph Theory.
  • Computer Science Clinic: Portrayal-Independent Melody Recognition. (Sponsor:; Advisor: Professor Robert Keller.) My four-student team designed and implemented a program to search for songs by humming tunes into a microphone.