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This Project has Moved to Google Code

I thought it might be nice to host this on a site that actually, you know, hosts software. You can check out the latest at

I have kept the simple site below as an archive of the old work, and as a way of making fun of my past self. Please go to the google code project now and stop reading.


When I started using OS X in 2005, the one thing I missed most was Minesweeper. As a result of this, I found myself very productive. In order to further procrastinate, I decided it would be a good idea to teach myself Cocoa and Objective-C by writing MacSweeper.

MacSweeper is free software. The source code is included in the download. Feel free to use any or all of the code in any way you see fit.

I claim no responsibility for anything this program does to your computer, but it should not be capabable of doing any harm. It will save your user preferences in the file com.mconbere.MacSweeper.plist in your user defaults directory (usually ~/Library/Preferences/com.mconbere.MacSweeper.plist).


The current version is now hosted on Google code, check it out at

Old Versions

Download Version 0.3.1 (August 9, 2008) - Leopard compatibility, cleaned up source code.

Download Version 0.3 (August 19, 2007) - More cleanup, new icon, smiley face (borrowed from iChat).

Download Version 0.2.2 (June 30, 2007) - Cleaned up the menus, added keyboard shortcuts, and created a help dialog.

Download Version 0.2.1 (June 30, 2007) - Fixed a bug related to end game display. Thanks Robin!

Download Version 0.2 (June 25, 2007) - Adds a High Scores system.

Download Version 0.1.1 (June 24, 2007) - Fixes a bug that set the mine count incorrectly upon some new games.

Download Version 0.1 (June 24, 2007) - Initial release.


Report bugs to Morgan Conbere at


No application is complete without screenshots, so here you go:

MacSweeper 0.3.1 running on Mac OS X 10.5.