Late Work Policy

Late Work Policy

The late work scheme for this class is different for each type of work.


For quizzes there is no late policy. You miss one, you miss the credit. Thus, your grade can go in the toilet by missing quizzes.


The majority of labs will be stared in the laboratory. It is your responsibility to complete the labs and turn them in on time. If you are late, then we want the lab to include a statement as to the reason. If your late labs are the result of starting late, not realizing the amount or work involved, etc. i.e., laziness, then we will deduct up to 1/2 the points.


Homeworks are due at the time and date posted on the homework. You are entitled a one day extension on each homework. You do not need to request special permission for this extension. You need only turn in the homework within one day of the due date.

Extensions for certified emergencies will be treated individually.

Mike Erlinger

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