Letters of Recommendation

If I have agreed to write a recommendation for you, please give me a folder containing Furthermore, at least two weeks before the first letter is due, e-mail me your answers to the following questions (the more details the better):
  1. What is your name, year, and major?
  2. For what are you applying? (scholarship, graduate school, etc.)
  3. How long have I known you (years/months), and what is my relationship(s) to you (instructor, advisor, etc.)? Have you graded or tutored for me? If so, for what class(es) and when?
  4. For what class(es) have I had you, what final grade(s) did I assign you, and how did you distinguish yourself in my class(es)?
  5. How would you describe yourself?
  6. What are some of your academic accomplishments?
  7. What are some of your nonacademic accomplishments?
  8. What makes me particularly qualified to write a letter for you?
  9. What makes you particularly qualified for this position/honor/award?
  10. What are your long term goals and will this position/honor/award help? If so, how?
  11. Additional comments (REU's, summer research, interesting jobs, hobbies, etc.)?
Feel free to chat with me or email me about other your letter. Good luck!
Modified from Michael Orrison's page.

Mike Erlinger

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