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The Story

For Women's History Month, the feminist society of Harvey Mudd College put up a bulletin board entitled "Women Who Dared". Then they forgot about it. Many months passed. Finally I decided to find out if anyone ever read that board. I replaced a photo of one of their heroes with my own photo. The caption was in exactly the same font and read something along the lines of: "Marcy LaViollette (1979-?): Marcy was the first woman who dared to put herself in the Woman Who Dared cabinet."

Surprisingly, within a day a large fraction of the campus individually approached me to find out how long it had been altered. Even Dean Noda complimented me, saying that from her nearby office she heard many students stopping by the board.

The next day I was approached by the president of the feminist society after a class. She wasn't pleased and told me that they'd be changing the board shortly. After a couple weeks they haphazardly replaced the display with an article on a misogynist. Unfortunately in their haste, they reversed pages two and three. No one seemed to notice.