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The Story

On Spring break of 1999, as we drove through beautiful Coronado, CA, Sleazy kept slobbering over all the classic cars. He repeated the same phrase over and over, "Someday I want a car with fins." He then complained that as a physicist he would never make enough money to own one. So, when we got back to campus, I decided to make one of his dreams come true. We spray painted cardboard grey and attached it to his car using poster mounts.

Sleazy didn't notice for quite awhile. I finally had to ask him to drive me somewhere. He later rememered that he had seen the car in the lot and had felt sorry for the owner.

Our creation withstood 70 mph on the freeway which is as fast as Sleazy's car could go. Best of all, it was completely reversible; the poster mounts did no damage to the car and came off easily. However, Sleazy loved it so much that he kept them on until he finally needed to wash his car weeks later.