No Skanking on a Wet Floor [Home]


The Story

Although I cannot claim that I had anything to do with actual execution of this prank, I wonder if I might have insipired it. Once, when passing a Caution: Wet Floor sign, I noticed that the picture of the slipping person looked more like he was dancing, skanking* specifically. So I mentioned to those around me that it would be funny to insert a phrase into the sign so it would become: "Caution: No Skanking on a Wet Floor." I remember laughing about it, but have no memory of who I was with. Time passed and much later I discovered that the sign now had the suggested addition in red sticker letters. I still have no idea who did this prank, and if you do, would you please let me know. I think it's hilarious.

*For those who don't know, skanking is a dance done to a type of music called Ska. It is very angular and involves the movement of elbows and knees. The figure on the sign is really angular.